Valley Central Industrial Precinct

Versatile industrial precinct on Bass Highway

Investing in Valley Central

Agriculture, manufacturing, transport and logistics based businesses have identified the competitive benefits of Valley Central's geographic location and the flexibility provided to support investment.

A project led by Northern Tasmania Development has identified vital information to assist businesses to establish, relocate or expand their operations at Valley Central.

For the first time, an interactive map now displays vacant lot information.  An accompanying Valley Central Precinct Technical Guide presents the strategic benefits of investing in Valley Central, including information about infrastructure and services, statutory planning and key contact information.

The map and technical information are presented here with thanks to Northern Tasmania Development.

Interactive Map


Technical Information

Precinct Type

Technology Businesses, Professional Services

Vacant Parcels

47, but provisional. Subject to change depending on the size of lot required.

Vacant Hectares


Land Price

From $35 per square metre ($350,000 per hectare)

Lot sizes

Small to Large (lot sizes can be amended to suit individual needs)


Yes. Connected to the Tasmanian gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant


Yes. Mains water is available to all parcels


Yes. Sewage available to all parcels


In progress. Groundworks are underway to prepare this area for the national broadband network and will be available within 12 months.

Proximity to Bell Bay Port

67.6 km (45 minutes)

Proximity to Devonport Port

64.7 km (40 minutes)

Proximity to Burnie Port

111 km (1 hour 10 minutes)

Proximity to Rail

38 km to Western Junction (on the western line)

Electricity 400 v supply


Electricity 22 kv supply


Electricity 110 kv supply

Not at present, however connection available if required

Proximity to Highway

500 metres to Bass Highway

Proximity to CBD

36.3 Kilometres from Launceston

Proximity to Airport

40km (25 minutes)

Proximity to Resources

Valley Central is located along a primary resource corridor and located in close proximity to agricultural resources.

Access by HML Route Vehicles, HPV and B Doubles


24/ 7 access and operation


Mobile phone coverage

Telstra coverage 4GX

Current business types present

TasAlkoloid, Gas and construction related activities, LNG manufacturing plant, Rural orientated business

Estimated employment in precinct


Fast tracked planning


Statutory Planning Provisions

General Industrial Zone (25.0)


Birralee Road Industrial Precinct Specific Area Plan (113.BRI)

Planning fee schedule

Please contact Rick Dunn from Meander Valley Council on +61 3 6393 5304 or

Building Fee Schedule


Rate Schedule


Rate subsidy

Yes. 100% remission of the General Rate incentive in year 1, 50% in year 2 and 25% in year 3 to the owner of the title if business maintained 3 or more FTE’s. Please see table on page 4 for the Rate Incentive Comparisons.

Permitted land uses

See below

Strategic Positioning

Valley Central is centrally located in Northern Tasmania. This is a major competitive advantage for business seeking to establish enterprises, which have a focus on efficient state-wide distribution of goods and services. Agriculture, manufacturing, transport and logistics based businesses have identified the competitive benefits of Meander Valley’s geographic location, volume and affordability of industrial zoned land.

Valley central is approximately 35 minutes from Devonport and 40 minutes from Bell Bay by road. Located on Birralee Road at Westbury, the fully serviced sites all have easy access and proximity to all major Tasmanian road networks including the A1 Highway to the Northern, North Eastern, North Western and Southern Regions. Valley Central is also within 1 hour of all major Tasmanian shipping ports.

In general, the Valley Central Industrial Precinct has been set up to provide significant flexibility. The area has been specifically zoned for the industrial and agricultural services sector and the zoning has pre-determined approval for developments that fit the specified criteria. There area is ideal for 24/7 operations. All the sites are fully serviced including water, domestic sewer, storm water, underground power, and there is access to natural gas supply. Installation of fibre optic communications is expected in the next 12 months. Roads have been designed and constructed for B Double vehicles and to accommodate transport safety issues all electricity mains are underground. The land is not yet fully subdivided in accordance with the ODP and there is flexibility in the planning scheme for larger lots.

Council is currently working with the Tasmanian Government and industry that have shown interest in the site and who are already located at the site to undertake a significant feasibility business case for the establishment of a co-generation (bio energy facility) that would provide heat and steam energy that could be used in manufacturing processes.

Statutory Planning

The local area objective within the General Industrial Zone notes that Birralee Road is to provide economic opportunity through certainty in the nature and siting of use and development for the strategic provision of a broad range industrial uses. The table below outlines the various uses permitted in the general industrial zone. The development standards for the site have been specifically tailored to meet the likely needs of future industrial development, such as higher heights of buildings at 15 metres, 30m for towers, stacks and the like. For example, the BOC development met all development standards.

In the Interim Planning Scheme, the range of ‘Permitted’ status uses means that if these uses meet the development standards set out in the Specific Area Plan and any applicable Codes, then these developments will be guaranteed a permit. On average, Council turns over ‘Permitted’ permits in 2 - 3weeks provided all material is available to council.

The Birralee Road Precinct is subject to a specific area plan overlay, namely the Birralee Road Industrial Precinct Specific Area Plan (113.BRI). The overlay defines the use and development standards for the precinct, and can be found in the Meander Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2013 here.

Uses under Specific Area Plan

No permit required

  • Natural and cultural values management (If by an agency, or a corporation all the shares of which are held by Councils)
  • Passive recreation


  • Bulky goods sales
  • Equipment and machinery sales and hire
  • Recycling and waste disposal
  • Residential
  • Resource processing (If not for animal salesyard or abattoir)
  • Service industry
  • Storage (If for minor utilities)
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Research and development
  • Transport depot and distribution (If for café or takeaway food premises)
  • Utilities (If by a public authority)
  • Vehicle fuel sales and service
  • Vehicle parking


  • Crematoria
  • Emergency services
  • Motor racing facility
  • Food services (If for takeaway shop or café)
  • Resource processing (If for animal saleyard or abattoir)


  • All other uses

It is important to note that some ‘Permitted’ uses may operate at a level that is classified as a ‘Level 2 Activity’ under the Environmental Management & Pollution Control Act schedule. This means that they are automatically classified as a ‘Discretionary’ use on the basis of potential environmental impact, and are assessed through a dual process through Council and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA deals with all environmental issues and the Council assesses the rest. The discretion is only for environmental impact.

Council has recently approved an Industrial Development Incentives policy which provides General Rate (based upon the Valuer General – Valuation) rate relief of 100% in year 1, 50% in year 2 and 25% in year 3 if development meets certain basic criteria. Please see the table below to see the rate relief incentive amounts.

Rate Incentive Comparisons with a General Rate of $0.058731 cents in the dollar

Capital Value

AAV % of capital


General rate incentive













Capital Value

AAV % of capital


General rate incentive













Capital Value

AAV % of capital


General rate incentive













Source: Meander Valley Council, 2016

Contact Information


Birralee Road, near Bass Highway turn off, Westbury

Local Government Area

Meander Valley Council

Contact Name

Rick Dunn

Contact Phone Number

+61 3 6393 5304

Contact Email


Investment contact

Office of the Coordinator General, State Government of Tasmania

Contact Phone Number

+61 3 6777 2786

Contact Email