TRANSlink Industrial Precinct

Logistics and industrial hub at Launceston Airport

Investing in TRANSlink

The TRANSlink industrial precinct is strategically located adjacent to Launceston Airport, 15 minute's drive to Launceston with very good access to the Midlands Highway.  The site is well suited for transport and warehousing and export-orientated industries.

A project led by Northern Tasmania Development has identified vital information to assist businesses to establish, relocate or expand their operations at TRANSlink.

For the first time, an interactive map now displays vacant lot information.  An accompanying TRANSlink Precinct Technical Guide presents the strategic benefits of investing in TRANSlink, including information about infrastructure and services, statutory planning and key contact information.

The map and technical information are presented here with thanks to Northern Tasmania Development.

Interactive Map

Technical Information

Precinct Type

Technology Businesses, Professional Services

Vacant Parcels


Vacant Hectares


Land Price

From $30 per square metre ($300,000 per hectare)

Lot sizes

Small to large


No. There is no access to the gas network or gas pipeline.


Yes. Mains water is accessible at frontage.


Yes. Mains sewage is accessible at the frontage and on properties.


In progress. Build has commenced for fixed line National Broadband Network.

Proximity to Bell Bay Port

60 km (45 minutes)

Proximity to Devonport Port

105km (1 hour 10 minutes)

Proximity to Burnie Port

151 km (1 hour40 minutes)

Proximity to Rail

2 km to Western Junction (2 minutes) (with future possibility of a rail link through to the precinct itself)

Electricity 400 v


Electricity 22 kv supply


Electricity 110 kv supply

Not at present, however close by connection available

Proximity to Highway

1.5 kilometres to Midland Highway (3 minutes)

Proximity to CBD

13.8 Kilometres to Launceston (15 minutes)

Proximity to Airport

Directly adjacent

Proximity to Resources

No direct proximity to natural resources, however Translink is located directly along resource transport corridor. Good proximity to rural resources (rural cropping, fresh fruit and vegetables)

Access by HML Route Vehicles, HPV and B Doubles


24/ 7 access and operation


Mobile phone coverage

Telstra coverage 4G

Current business types present

Major tenants include SRT Logistics, State-wide Independent Wholesalers, Crisp Brothers / Haywards, TasFreight, Vos Constructions

Estimated employment in precinct


Fast tracked planning

Yes - Specific Area Plan Overlay (101.SAP.TLK) in place

Statutory Planning Provisions

General Industrial Zone (25.0)


Specific Area Plan Overlay (101.SAP.TLK)


Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) contours Overlay (101.ANE)

Planning fee schedule

The fee for a $5m project is $15,000, $10m is $30,000, and above is negotiable.

Building Fee Schedule

The fee for a $5m project is from $5,000 to $15,000, for $10m is $10,000 to $30,000, for $15m is $30,000 +

Rate Schedule

A property with a capital value of $15 million would pay a General Rate at 9.08 cents of $170,250, a Fire Levy at 0.50 cents of $5,288 and Waste is $100, total is $175,638

Rate subsidy

25% saving per annum for 3 years

Permitted land uses

Uses vary for seven different areas within the precinct (see below)

Strategic Positioning

The strategic conjunction of highway corridors to the south, north and north-west of the state creates unique opportunities in freight hub developments and in services to the transport, warehousing and logistics sectors.

The TRANSlink industrial precinct is the most significant precinct in the Northern Midlands. It is strategically located adjacent to Launceston Airport, 15 minutes’ drive to Launceston with very good access to the Midland Highway. The site is well located to accommodate regionally significant industries in the categories of transport and warehousing and also export orientated industries. Lot sizes generally suit these types of industries. The adjacent primary industry zone to the south east allows for even more future growth should the demand occur. The land at TRANSlink is mostly flat with only 0.5 hectares having a slope of more than 10%. Nearby uses are commercial, rural and particular uses (airport).

In addition to the already available lots in Translink, there is capacity for more adjacent land to be rezoned subject to demand. Suggested lot sizes on vacant lots are all provisional and discussions and negotiations are very welcomed by Northern Midlands Council. Council are happy to assist with any negotiations required, with interested parties asked to engage with Council as early as possible.

Statutory Planning

As well as being zoned General Industrial, an Australian Noise Exposure Forecast Overlay (due to the proximity to the Launceston Airport) applies, along with a Specific Area Plan Overlay. The purpose of the Translink Specific Area Plan is to:

  • Provide for industrial and commercial uses and developments which serve the strategic needs of the Launceston and Northern Midlands region and the State, and which would derive a particular benefit from a location having proximity to Launceston Airport, access to the State's road and rail network or links to the port of Bell Bay.
  • Cater primarily for storage, transport and industrial uses.
  • Provide for a limited range of retail or other activity, which supports storage, transport and industrial uses.
  • Provide for a limited range of retail or other activity, which can demonstrate that the location offers a particular strategic advantage.
  • Provide an area within which business-support facilities for the TRANSlink Industrial Zone and Airport operations can locate.
  • Provide opportunities for the development of accommodation adjacent to and serving the Airport.
  • Provide detailed guidance on use and development within the General Industrial Zone at TRANSlink, particular to the unique characteristics of the area.

The specific area plan applies to the area of land designated as Translink Specific Area Plan as shown in the figure below. Use and development standards are outlined in the Northern Midlands Council Interim Planning Scheme, which is available online here.

Uses vary for each of the seven areas. Discussions are encouraged and welcomed between Northern Midlands Council and any interested businesses.

Map of Translink Industrial Precinct

Contact Information


Translink Avenue, Western Junction

Local Government Area

Northern Midlands Council

Contact Name

Duncan Payton or Paul Godier

Contact Phone Number

+61 3 6397 7303

Contact Email


Investment contact

Office of the Coordinator General, State Government of Tasmania

Contact Phone Number

+61 3 6777 2786

Contact Email