Your vote matters in the National Awards for Local Government 2021

The awards celebrate achieving excellence in service delivery and showcase community solutions that directly respond to community needs by overcoming barriers and feature new contemporary and creative thinking. This is your chance to respond and communicate your ideas for a better future by voting for candidates that best represent you and what you strive to see in the development of our region.

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We would like to reach out to you, the public, our community to vote in our National Awards for Local Government. Why? To contribute and discuss the progress and how we can improve more on the growth of our region. Your input and your vote is very important to us as it will create and celebrate the building blocks towards improvement in many diverse sectors. Your vote will also recognise the achievments and how far we have come as a community and will reinforce the continual dedication for vision and success in the future. 

So, lets celebrate and recognise the many challenges local governments and communities have faced in recent times, especially during the ongoing pandemic, the award process for 2021 has accrued an alternative solution to be streamlined and simplified. This year, our community nominations will be submitted for the first time online with entries no more than 350 words. Click here to vote 2021 National Awards for Local Government 

In another first for the awards, councils will finally have the opportunity to recognise the work and achievements of their peers in the local government sector through an open voting system. Community members will also be able to vote for projects across each category that display the three important qualities of excellence, innovation, and replicability.

The Awards

In 2021 this year there are eight diverse award categories for voters to consider in which highlights how local governments are delivering positive outcomes which clearly can create stronger, resilient and cohesive communities. Visit online platform and select which award best describes excellence, innovation and replicability.

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The 2021 award winners

Each category winner will be notified by the assistant minister for the local government the Hon. Kevin Hogan MP and receive an excellence award certificate.  The department will also work with each winner to develop a promotional awards package to be used throughout 2022. Where possible, the department will engage local businesses to support the development of this communications initiative.

This is why YOU are important. Voting for the national awards for local government will celebrate, recognise and develop our successes. Not only that, the experience of voting will also be informative, engaging and being a vital part of the community. We look forward to your election of our candidates and hearing more about how we can improve communities within our region.