Update on Tasmanian Freight and Logistics welcomed by industry

The Tasmanian Freight and Logistics webinar held last week and hosted by the Department of State Growth, Tasmanians Logistics Committee, and the Tasmanian Transport Association provided a timely update on what is happening in the world of freight movements, albeit to and from Tasmania and within.

Guest speakers for the Webinar included:

  • Brett Charton - Chair of the Tasmanian Logistics Committee
  • John DeBruyn – Chair of the Tasmanian Transport Association
  • Richard Douma – TFES Claims Specialist,  NetSea Freight
  • Jim Ertler - Chief Operations Officer, Premium Fresh

Significant commentary on current and future freight trends were provided during this webinar with key messages for Tasmanian exporters and business owners including:

  1. Consider freight in your business model early, not just the product you are producing
  2. Forecast and plan in advance and work with you freight experts so as to anticipate challenges to access markets
  3. Ensure your customers and your suppliers are aware of your freight movements ongoing to include unforeseen delays including bio security, customs and regional challenges as a result of COVID
  4. Understand your entitlements under TFES and if you do not have time to learn, engage a professional claims agent to assist.
  5. Work with likeminded exporters to maximize container space and reduce costs where possible – use your industry associations to help achieve this.

To hear the webinar recording, click here