Try, Test and Learn Fund

Tranche 2 includes $50 million to support small-scale trials of new or innovative approaches to support people at risk of long-term welfare dependence

The Try, Test and Learn Fund is focussed on seeking new ideas from and collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders, including the community sector, business, academia and the general public, in order to develop new ways of tackling complex social challenges.

The objective of the Try, Test and Learn Fund is to generate evidence into ‘what works’ to reduce long-term welfare dependence.  Projects will be selected based, in part, on the value of the evidence that they will generate. In this way, the Fund will allow the Government to identify approaches that work, and use this evidence to transform existing programs or make the case for new investments.

To find out more the application process, the priority outcomes, merit criteria and eligibility visit the Try, Test and Learn website:

The cut-off for applications is 28 September 2018.