The Tasmanian Major Projects Conference Returns Amidst Infrastructure Boom

The Tasmanian Major Projects Conference Returns Amidst Infrastructure Boom

Tasmania is currently reaping the benefits of an impressive growth spurt, with a strong construction sector, booming international tourism numbers and a high-performing economy. The time has never been better for Tasmanian business with a steady influx of new opportunities cementing the state as a burgeoning infrastructure hotspot.

The upcoming Tasmanian Major Projects Conference will bring together industry experts from all corners of the infrastructure sector to discuss some of the biggest and most important major projects in the pipeline for the state. From airports and tourism to energy and affordable housing, the conference will cover all bases and provide attendees with the freshest updates and exclusive insights.

The two-day conference will serve up invaluable networking sessions alongside a wide variety of keynote presentations, led by industry specialists, and lively panel discussions. With delegates from a range of industries, including construction, consultancy, engineering, architecture, finance, project development and government, the conference is a melting pot of diverse skills, perspectives and resources.

Hobart Airport’s CEO, Sarah Renner, will be providing an overview of the airport’s expansion project, revealing the highs, lows and lessons learned in the process so far. The expansion will see the international airport doubled in size, accommodating for the substantial growth and flourishing tourism industry Tasmania is experiencing.

The Tasmanian tourism industry is flourishing so much, in fact, that the State has the highest percentage in the country of tourism-related employment. A staggering $1.49 billion of the State’s Gross State Product comes directly from tourism, and Tourism Tasmania’s CEO John Fitzgerald will delve into just what it means to have a healthy visitor economy for the State’s wealth.

The Apple Isle has an ambitious goal to become 100% reliant on renewables by 2022. As such, clean energy will feature heavily at the conference, with the Granville Harbour Wind Farm, Hydro Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation Initiative and the $1.6 billion Robbins Island Renewable Energy Park all being addressed. The Granville Harbour Wind Farm’s Project Director, Lyndon Frearson, will discuss the difficulties of executing large scale infrastructure projects in the remote terrain of the Tasmanian West Coast and provide updated timeframes.

The Tasmanian population is growing rapidly, and services and infrastructure have no choice but to grow along with it. Brian Wightman, Tasmanian Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia, will explore Tasmania’s $125 million affordable housing strategy and just how it plans to address all aspects of the State’s housing and accommodate for increasing demand.

Topics covering road, rail, energy and more will be condensed into two days, bringing together key stakeholders and industry experts for unparalleled business opportunities and insightful information sessions. Tasmania’s infrastructure space is booming, and the possibilities are endless.

The 3rd Tasmanian Major Projects Conference will be held on the 1st & 2nd of April at the Wrest Point Conference Centre, Hobart.