The future of work is from the heart

New Deloitte report released

The future of work is from the heart

The latest report from Deloitte’s Building the Lucky Country series ‘The path to prosperity, Why the future of work is human’ has been released.

A key finding of the report is that ‘work of the heart’ will increase, and the associated skills (such as listening, innovating, and caring) will be in strong demand, including across jobs of the hands and jobs of the head.

The report anticipates the health industry as having the largest skills shortage by 2030 – of particular relevance to Tasmania where the health industry is the main employer and expected to grow in coming years.

In Tasmania today, and across all industries:

  • Of the three skills that require work of the hands, none are in shortage.
  • Of the 23 under work of the head, 15 (65%) are in shortage.
  • Of the nine classified as required for work of the heart, eight (89%) are in shortage.

The report predicts that if we continue as we are, the national shortage of skills will grow to 29 million by 2030, including around 500,000 in Tasmania across many of our key industries. And far-and-away the bulk of those missing skills will be those of the heart, with Tasmania facing a deficit of over 300,000 on this front.

Read the report here.