Tasmanian Major Projects Conference - April 2020

Tasmanian Major Projects Conference - April 2020

Opportunity Abounds in Tasmania’s Construction Sector – But Where, Exactly?

Tasmania’s economy is currently the fastest growing in the country. This is obviously of great benefit to the state as a whole, providing plenty of opportunity to improve the quality of life of locals and visitors alike.

But for businesses, investors and contractors working in Tasmania’s construction sector or even nearby, the state’s healthy economy presents a twofold opportunity: the chance to advance their business presence across the state while contributing to an exciting period of growth and development.

The Tasmanian Major Projects Conference returns to Hobart in April to equip attendees with an easy-to-traverse bridge to this opportunity. A combination of project-focused presentations, insightful, best practice-centred presentations, and hours of networking sessions with major projects stakeholders and investors will provide contractors with the information and potential contacts needed to gain business within Tasmania.

With the state government recently pledging more than $173 million towards bringing forward infrastructure projects across Tasmania, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon Michael Ferguson MP will have plenty to present on when he opens the conference with a Ministerial Address.

Minister Ferguson’s presentation will unpack where state investment is going within the broader Tasmanian infrastructure space, while clarifying how the $173 million package will benefit industry. Funding for critical roads projects including the Hobart Airport Interchange and critical upgrades to the Bass and Midland Highways are set to be accelerated, driving economic and job-based growth for the state while enhancing work opportunities for contractors in the roads sub-sector.

Over in Tasmania’s capital, the recently confirmed Hobart City Deal is set to benefit each of its four Greater Hobart Councils: Glenorchy, Hobart, Kingborough and Clarence. Glenorchy Mayor Kristie Johnson will present on how the city will benefit from the deal. With millions of dollars of investment penned in for transport and housing projects in Glenorchy, the Mayor’s speech will act as a useful starting point for businesses seeking to capitalise on the City Deal’s Glenorchy-centred funding.

Another Hobart-based development promising to benefit the state economy and its job prospects is the Hobart Airport Expansion. Upon its 2030 completion, the expansion will simultaneously double the size of the airport, streamline passenger screening facilities, and create high-quality international processing facilities.

Hobart Airport CEO Sarah Renner is set to provide updates at the conference on the expansion, allowing contractors to understand how their expertise can contribute to the continued expansion. Renner will also analyse the lessons learnt while delivering Phase One of the project, exploring how these lessons can be applied to future project phases.

Beyond roads, transport and local councils, important developments in Tasmania’s energy sector will also be covered at the conference. One such development is Granville Harbour’s 112MW, $280 million wind farm.

Project Director Lyndon Frearson will present on the complex project, exploring how his team have overcome the complex challenges associated with the remote West Coast project site, while exploring how the wind farm will benefit the state’s economy holistically. With the project providing 200 jobs during its construction period, contractors from all areas of the construction sphere are encouraged to attend Frearson’s presentation at the conference.

With plenty of economy and job-shaping major projects on Tasmania’s horizon, it is clear that opportunity abounds for industry, in the form of a diverse array of short-term and long-term infrastructure developments.

RDA Tasmania’s CEO and Director of Regional Development Craig Perkins will participate in the conference.

The 3rd Tasmanian Major Projects Conference will take place on the 1st and 2nd of April 2020 at Hobart’s Wrest Point Convention Centre. Tickets are strictly limited so reserve your seats ASAP.