Tasmanian Government release lockdown plan

The Tasmanian Government has been planning for a lockdown, in case it is needed as a circuit breaker to COVID-19 being detected in the community. A lockdown sees significant restrictions quickly placed on a community for a short period of time of three to five days, in response to one or more COVID-19 cases being detected in the community.

A short, sharp lockdown aims to prevent further disease transmission and allow Public Health to trace contacts of cases and ensure they are isolated and tested, while further assessing the risk of community transmission. This work will help determine how long the lockdown is required.

These restrictions build on lockdown experiences of other jurisdictions and Tasmania’s lockdown in 2020, and have been updated given the increased risk associated with the delta variant of concern. This lockdown plan is subject to continual review to take into consideration new evidence and experiences of other jurisdictions.

This high-level summary of the possible restrictions to a lockdown response is provided to assist with planning and preparation. Different outbreak scenarios will require different responses, so the below is a draft that will be adapted in line with Public Health advice if required.

A lockdown in Tasmania may be applied to the whole State or to a regional area only. If a region is in lockdown, there may be restrictions on reasons for travelling in and out of the area, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to other areas of the State. Restrictions on travel to King Island, Flinders Island and the Furneaux Group of Islands may also be introduced.

Tasmania’s current lockdown plan allows for restrictions on businesses, gatherings, home visits, and access to aged care facilities and hospitals, as well as the use of face masks.

Should a lockdown be required, the restrictions will depend on the circumstances at the time.

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