Tasmanian Freight Equalisation delivers for Tasmanian exporters

The introduction of the extension of the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation (TFES) for international exports continue to pave the way for Tasmanian exporters to develop international markets

In line with actual TFES payments made to Tasmanian exporters and anticipated future payments of TFES (at a conservative rate of growth), the Tasmanian Logistics Committee believe the rate of claim will increase sufficiently to utilise most of the TFES by the end of the budgeted period in 2019.

Chair, Brett Charlton believes that "whilst we have not reached the budgeted amount to date, there is growth which shows a positive direction for the future and proof that the scheme is achieving the desired results in growing Tasmania’s export scope".

Mr Charlton also states that "the committee again pushes the point that without the scheme extension we could have seen exports value and volume contract as some of the companies may not have been able to compete in world markets without TFES assistance across the Strait. Again, these statistics do not capture the philosophy of traders (eg. confidence to explore new markets, invest in new technology and research to access new markets,  buy equipment that compliments product in new markets, explore new opportunities).  These are real aspects to Tasmanian business that can be attributed to the TFES scheme being expanded to export cargoes".

The Tasmanian Logistics Committee is a joint initiative of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) and Regional Development Australia Tasmania.