Regional Research from RAI

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Regional Research from RAI

In 2018, RAI led a shared policy inquiry program to target issues that matter to both policy makers and our regions and outline options for change. The Shared Inquiry Program for Regional Policy was backed by the Australian government and all state and territory governments. In 2019, this will focus on further work around Regional Jobs, and the future of Mid-Sized Towns.

The Inquiry project into Mid-Sized Towns will examine the economies of those communities with populations of 10,000-50,000.  A better understanding of these places will drive successful regional policy alongside regional cities and our rural and remote areas.

Regional Jobs will continue the work done in 2018 to map what lies ahead for work in regions. This will include investigating jobs and technology changes, pathways into work, education and training, and the substantial regional job creation underway through Healthcare and the NDIS.

Major new work, including significant new insights for the national population debate, is due early in 2019 from RAI’s three major inquiries into Regions in Transition, Future of Regional Jobs and Regional Towns and Cities.

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