Recycling modernisation grant program open

Create local recycling opportunities

Recycling modernisation grant program open

Tasmania’s businesses are being encouraged to bring forward new ideas and new technologies for tackling the country’s growing plastic waste challenge through the Recycling Modernisation Fund (Plastics) Grants Program. 

The Australian Government has allocated $5.5 million for Tasmanian projects and the Tasmanian Government provided $5.5 million to match this funding.  With matching funding from project proponents, it is expected that over $16 million will be invested in the waste and resource recovery sector through the Tasmanian RMF (Plastics) Grants Program. 

The Tasmanian Government is now calling for applications from proponents wishing to invest in Tasmania to develop plastic reprocessing (recycling) capacity. The funding is available for recycling projects located in Tasmania only. The application process will consist of a single round of project applications that must meet all eligibility criteria to be considered for assessment. 

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