RDA Tasmania Population Symposium - Presentations

RDA Tasmania Population Symposium - Presentations

RDA Tasmania would like to thank all the amazing presenters and the wealth of information they provided at the Population Symposium on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

As promised on the day, we would like to make these presentations available to revisit. With permission from the presenters, we have been able to make this happen!

To view individual presentations, please click on the links below:

Jack Archer - What’s going on in regional Australia
Ivan Neville - Labour market economics
Lisa Denny - Tasmania: a regional perspective on population change and trends into the future
Daniela Cavalletti - Living local, working globally
Deanna Hutchinson - Living local, working globally
Anne Beach - Tasmania’s Population Growth Strategy (Tas Govt)

Rhett Henkel - Visa and migration programs support regional settlement (Aus Govt)

Bruce Williams - NTDC Population Strategy
Daryl Connelly - CCA regional Futures
Liza Fallon - Planning place and design