profile id state-wide data now available for Tasmania

State Government has funded state data coverage

profile id state-wide data now available for Tasmania

While many regions of Tasmania have already been using profile id data, coverage across the state has not been complete or consistent.  The Tasmanian Government has funded the complete profile id data for 2 years, which means data on community and economic outcomes is available across the state to local government level.  The data is open to everyone to use at:

An example of how it can be used is shown above. As the automatically generated graph from profile id shows, Tasmania (the dark green columns)  has more people in the lower and middle income quantiles than the Australian average (light green columns).  This means the promised tax cuts to lower and middle income earners will have a greater impact in Tasmania than in some other regions where there are higher proportions of high income earners.

Briefing sessions and workshops will be run across the state over the coming months.

Assistance is available to any Tasmanian users on how to use the data: or 03 9417 2205