Professional employees - there's work in Hobart

Latest job vacancy figures show local growth

Professional employees - there's work in Hobart

Professional workers should take a look at job opportunities in Tasmania, with Hobart the only capital city in the country where vacancy rates are growing.

Regional Australia Institute (RAI) Regions Rising forums are being held across Australia. A small gathering was held in Hobart on 7 November. Part of the RAI local analysis was that professional roles such as doctors, nurses, finance workers, human resource managers, engineers, educational professionals, sales and marketing managers, and media professionals are in demand across Tasmania – more than any other sector.

Across the country, regional job vacancy rates are growing and Tasmania is no different. Launceston and Northeast Tasmania have had a 27.2% increase in average monthly advertisements since September last year.  Tasmania is also becoming a popular destination for migrants to call their home, with just over 2,600 moving to the Apple Isle last year.

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