Population Symposium - Launceston 12th June 2019

Population Symposium - Launceston 12th June 2019


What's happening to Tasmania's population? Where is it headed? What are we doing about it?

RDA Tasmania is excited to announce we will be facilitating a Population Symposium on Wednesday 12th June at the University of Tasmania campus in Launceston.

Regional Tasmania has recognised the challenges of changing demographics, and a clear need to proactively support population growth, particularly target at the working age cohort (18yo - 50yo). The bottom line is that regional Australia has population challenges as the population ages and the working age population shrinks. Attracting new people to the regions has been identified as an action that needs to be addressed, how one does that is the million dollar question.

With unprecedented economic growth in Hobart, on the back of Tourism, a vibrant city and the growth in International students enrolled at the University of Tasmania, the challenge for urban growth is different again.

The symposium will provide an opportunity to look at Tasmania’s population challenges, how this fits with the broader national environment, and share some insights as to what initiatives are being planned in our regions.

Morning tea and lunch will be included. A small $30 registration fee applies.

The hosting of this event is supported by the Tasmanian Government and the University of Tasmania.

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