Tas Networks confirms location of Marinus Link converter station

TasNetworks buys old Burnie Tioxide site as location for the Marnius Link converter station

Sourced from The Advocate 21st Jaunary 2021 by Sandy Powell

On 21st January, Burnie Mayor Steve Kons revealed TasNetworks had paid $1.8 million for the site which it plans to use as the site of the Marinus Link converter station.

TasNetworks has also committed to a ten-year $400,000 community fund to provide educational opportunities for Coasters.

Cr Kons said that with the jobs and investment likely to be created through the construction of the converter station and Marinus Link more broadly, the sale of the site would be a net state gain despite the current financial loss.

Furthermore, Cr Kons said the rates revenue which will be generated from the site in the future once the infrastructure is built and operational would be "considerable".

Project Marinus general manager Bess Clarke said in December she expected construction to commence on the site by 2024.

For more information on the Marinus Link route, please click on this TasNetworks webpage