Digital boost coming to Launceston

Launceston will become the first city in Australia to become ‘Internet of Things’ enabled by the LoRa network.

LoRa is a low power wide area network for the Internet of Things, allowing secure bi-directional interoperability between devices and sensors. In November the Tasmanian Government announced a collaborative project with the University of Tasmania’s Sense-T, Definium Technologies and CSIRO’s Data 61 to embed the network into Launceston, opening the doors for the prototyping and application of IoT innovations.

Technical detail:

  • The new Launceston LORA network will consist of approximately 10 base stations, each with a maximum range of about 20km.
  • Low-power sensors, made in Launceston by Definium will connect to these base stations and then on to the internet.
  • This makes data transfer extremely low cost compared with applications and sensors which rely on the mobile phone network.
  • In some cases, sensor batteries can last up to 10 years, making the network suitable for a huge range of applications.

The LORA communications standard is driven and controlled by the non-profit worldwide LORA Alliance association. It includes companies such as IBM, Cisco, Semtech and SingTel: