Launceston Community Grants (Organisations)

Applications open 1 July 2019


The purpose of the Community Grants (Organisations) Program is to support community projects held within the Launceston municipality which result in community, social, cultural and environmental benefits for the Launceston community.

Who can apply?

Community and/or not for profit organisations that are recognised legal entities, such as an incorporated organisation. Community and/or not for profit organisations that are unincorporated may also be eligible, if they are auspiced by an incorporated organisation or other legal entity.

Funding Available

Applications for grants can be made for amounts from $1,000 and up to $5,000 (plus GST if applicable). There are two funding rounds per financial year. The budget allocation for any given financial year is determined by Council. Normally, no more than one-half of the budget is recommended for approval in each funding round.

Funding Limitations

Where Council will not provide funding assistance:

  • Projects held outside the City of Launceston municipality;
  • Projects that have commenced or completed;
  • Projects that have been funded within the current financial year are not eligible for further funding in the same financial year;
  • Projects already receiving funding from another City of Launceston funding program;
  • Projects where the applicant is co-contributing less than 20% towards the project. (Cocontribution can be either in-kind or financial).
  • Projects utilising council assets without the relevant approvals to enable the project to proceed;
  • Projects that are considered to be the core business of the applicant organisation;
  • Ongoing administration costs that are not related to the project;
  • Ongoing plant and equipment costs, e.g. machinery, office equipment/computers, sporting equipment;
  • Capital or operational costs, e.g. renovations, building permits, rates and general running costs;
  • Events e.g. fun runs, festivals, theatre/dance productions, exhibitions.

Assessment Criteria

Applications for a Community Grant will be scored and assessed based on answers to questions aligned to the following criteria:

  • Identifies a clear community need for the project;
  • Outcomes directly benefit the Launceston community;
  • Outlines clear engagement and collaboration with the community, enabling social connections and community participation;
  • Project plan demonstrates good organisational planning for the project;
  • The project budget is detailed, realistic and:
    • demonstrates the applicant is co-contributing at least 20% towards the project in addition to the funding requested. (Co-contribution can be either in-kind or financial);
    • outlines how the City of Launceston funding will be utilised.

Application Process

The timeframe for community grant applications to be considered is as follows:


Applications Open

Applications Close

Applications Assessed

Council Decision

Round 1 (projects commencing after 31 October 2019)

1 July 2019

31 August 2019

September 2019

October 2019

Round 2 (projects commencing after 31 May)


1 February 2020

31 March 2020

April 2020

May 2020


More Information

Grants and Sponsorship Officer: Cherie Holmes

Phone: 03 6323 3351