IT @ Work

The IT @ Work program is a new Tasmanian initiative for students of ICT

Beginning in June, 2016, IT @ Work will connect TasTAFE and University of Tasmania ICT students with real-life projects in the private business and not-for-profit sector.  Students from Certificate III through to postgraduate studies will partner with educators and professionals from the IT industry to complete projects from start to finish.

To find out more about the program or to submit a brief for a proposal visit the IT @ Work website:

IT @ Work builds on Skills Tasmanian’s 2015-2018 Tasmanian Information and Communications Technology Workforce Plan that supports the growth of an ICT workforce where graduates have real world experience and developed interpersonal skills.

Benefits to the ICT Industry

  • A better skilled resource of graduates with experience in growth sectors
  • Graduates with real life experience
  • A chance to give input into the specific priority employability skills that the projects should develop

 Benefits to ICT Students

  • Greater employability and competitiveness in the job market
  • Access to projects of personal interest through being invited to provide input into the projects that will be implemented
  • Better understanding of the nature of commercial ICT roles
  • A portfolio of work experience and profile in the industry
  • The chance to work on exciting and appealing tech projects with access to a network of freelancers and ICT professionals and startups
  • Enhanced team work and problem solving skills
  • Join the Hack-a-thon, an exciting talent search and workforce development process in Hobart’s digital start up co-working hubs
  • Consult with freelancers, industry and tech innovators to learn more about emerging opportunities

 Benefits to Educators

  • Connect with industry stakeholders and develop relationships through shared innovative projects
  • Meet ASQA requirements for evidence of stakeholder consultation and industry currency
  • Support in identifying opportunities for on-the-job experience for learners
  • Access to provider marketing opportunities through the IT@Work communications
  • Participation in structured Rapid Innovation By Design process with Dr Marcus Bowles
  • Improved cohesion between the education providers that service the ICT industry for improved profile of the ICT education sector

 Benefits to the Client/ Project Sponsor

  • Access to the support of ICT intelligence to serve the fundamental ICT principal – to “do more with less”
  • Business and service development
  • Opportunity to meet and work with potential future staff members without obligation

 Benefits to the broader Tasmanian Community

  • Provide a positive contribution to digital disruption
  • Economic growth in established and emerging sectors
  • An invigorated ICT education sector

The projects will be selected on their ability to cross pollinate to maximise community benefit