Introducing the Australian Innovation System Monitor

Tracking innovation at the national level

Australian innovation system monitor

What is the Monitor?

The Australian Innovation System Monitor provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive view of Australia’s innovation system. Drawing on public data sources such as the ABS, IP Australia and the OECD, the Monitor tracks our performance across a range of indicators:

  • business innovation
  • entrepreneurship
  • venture capital
  • science and research
  • intellectual property
  • collaboration
  • skills and capabilities

The Monitor builds on the strong legacy of the Australian Innovation System Report which had been produced annually in hard copy since 2010.

Now a digital publication, the Monitor provides a dynamic user experience through 84 interactive charts, descriptive text and downloadable data. We will update it as new data is released, making it the most accurate compendium of innovation data in Australia.

What does the Monitor say?

Overall, the Monitor shows that, like the Australian economy, our innovation system is in transition.

Trends across performance indicators show Australia is building innovation culture and capability. Smart, innovative Australian businesses are creating new jobs and enjoying higher profits and productivity as a result. The latest available data reveals that nearly half of Australian firms identified as innovation-active businesses. These firms consistently report increases in sales, profitability, productivity, and job creation.