Incubator Support funds available

Australian Government seeks regional business incubators to fund

The Incubator Support initiative aims to boost the performance of new and existing incubators so they help commercialise new products and businesses and launch them into the global marketplace.  To reflect the Australian Government’s commitment to regional areas, the guidelines have been changed in a way that makes it easier for Tasmanian incubators to apply.  These changes include:

  • Match funding requirement dropped to 35 per cent;
  • Up to 10 per cent of match funding can come from in-kind contributions, and
  • Other Government sources can fund up to 10 per cent of match funding.
  • The appointment of Daniel Smith as a Regional Incubator Facilitator to help applicants prepare their best proposal

There is also an Expert in Residence pool of funding to cover the costs of bringing industry leaders into help regional businesses.

 If you are interested in applying for funding visit the program website and contact Daniel Smith for more information.