Heywire Sharing the Stories of Living in Regional Australia

Get inspired young Tasmanians! We want you to spread news stories, projects and ideas to your networks that are helping making regional Australia a better place to live.

Heywire Sharing the Stories of Living in Regional Australia


Heywire are holding their annual cycle which commences with an exciting story telling competition that is open for people ages between 16-22, living in regional or rural Australia.

The purpose of this is so that it encourages the youth within our regional and rural community to tell stories about their life outside the major cities in text, photo, video, or audio format.

Over the past 23 years more than 11,500 young Australians have taken part in this annual regional youth project creating insightful and meaningful stories through a variety of creative mediums in collaboration with Heywire.

Winners of the competition will receive their entry broadcasted on the ABC, a chance to make difference with Heywire summit and their continuous development and investment of youth projects all over the country and finally a trip to the Heywire summit in Canberra, all expenses paid.

For more information visit this link

View website for more information about the Heywire network

The winners will be announced on the 15th of December.