Funding for Forest Products Innovation

$1.9 million in funding for Tasmanian projects from the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation

Projects ranging from improving remotely acquired forestry data to increasing the durability of Tasmanian hardwoods and developing next generation engineered structural timber to be funded by Launceston Centre of the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation

Successful grant outcomes:

Private Forest Tasmania with Forest Industries Research Centre: Optimising machinery configurations for profitable harvesting operations of small-scale plantations

Technical Forest Services: Conceptualise and develop a functioning model for collaborative integrated pest management within the Tasmanian forest industry

CSIRO: Unlocking financial innovation in forest products with natural capital

Sustainable Timbers Australia: Sensing technology and digital tools to support decision making in hardwood timber drying

Britton Timbers Australia: Increasing the durability, and other material characteristics of Tasmanian hardwoods

Neville Smith Forest Products: Develop a new generation of Tasmanian appearance hardwood products for in-state design and manufacturing

CLTP Panel Products: Developing laminated structural elements from fibre-managed plantation hardwood

Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board: A forest resource characterisation of Tasmania – Stage 1 of 2. Feasibility

NSWDPI Forestry/University of SA (joint Tasmanian and Mount Gambier project): Solutions for optimal use of remotely acquired, high resolution data by the forestry sector