Freight and Logistics Toolkit launched to support Tasmanian exporters

As part of the Tasmania Trade strategy, this toolkit will provide a first step for exporters to consider and develop their own freight strategies

The Tasmanian Government is firmly committed to ensuring Tasmania maintains its export momentum and continues to outperform the rest of the nation.

Recent data shows that Tasmania grew its merchandise exports by 0.8 per cent in the year to January 2021 compared to the previous year, while Australia as a whole saw a drop of 5.6 per cent.

This week we released a Freight and Logistics Toolkit to support Tasmanian businesses to increase long-term competitiveness and viability through freight and logistics improvements.

The Toolkit, an initiative under the Trade Action Plan 2021, was developed in collaboration with the Tasmanian Logistics Committee, RDA Tasmania and the Tasmanian Transport Association. It provides trading businesses with the knowledge and resources they need to transport their products globally.

Along with an overview of the Tasmanian freight and logistics environment, and considerations for moving products out of Tasmania, the Toolkit also includes a register of Tasmanian freight and logistics suppliers operating in the state.

Tasmanian Logistics Committee Secretariat, Mike Brindley said “access to market and efficient supply chain management are necessary considerations for all Tasmanian businesses when planning current and future freight and logistics requirements.”

“The Tasmanian Logistics Committee and the Tasmanian Transport Association recognise this and are proud to have supported the development of the Freight and Logistics Toolkit as a starting point for business owners to examine their own freight needs,” Mr Brindley said.

The Freight and Logistics Toolkit is now available to download via this link 

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