Coastal Shipping Reform - Considerations for Tasmania

The issue of Coastal Shipping Reform continues to form debate with key stakeholders considering the benefits and impacts for Tasmania should the proposed changes be adopted.

Tasmania is unique in Australia as the only state that is isolated due to its coastline therefore it has a heavy reliance on shipping to transport its goods in and out of the state. This reliance is vital and cannot be overstated as a key freight and logistic lifeline for the Tasmanian economy.

Coastal Shipping Reform remains the subject of ongoing debate in Australia. The key proposal is to allow foreign flagged vessels to operate in Australian waters, with the promise of more competition, lower freight prices and more access to overseas markets.

RDA Tasmania has prepared this report to capture the various sides of the arguments surrounding this issue and the potential impacts on Tasmanian exporters and the Tasmanian economy should the reform proposals be adopted or if the existing legislation remains.

This document is available from our website.