Business Foundation Workshop: for Tasmanian Women

Business Foundation Workshop: for Tasmanian Women

This fun and practical workshop series will leave you feeling energized and ready to take your business and your life to the next level. Join a small group of women who have a vision for a business and just need some help to learn the basics and pull it all together.

Learn from a variety of business owners, industry experts and coaches who are the best in their fields. Each speaker will help you build certainty around your dream because they have done it themselves and will share their pitfalls and steps to success.

WORKSHOP 1: Jan 22 Vision

Learn the mindset and skills to turn your idea into a written vision.

  • Business vision: Start to create your business
  • Structure: Evaluate and refine your vision
  • Time: Learn how to manage your time and achieve life balance

WORKSHOP 2: Feb 19 Finance

Learn the systems, controls and strategies to run a successful operation

  • Optimize: Systemize the cashflow to ensure smooth operations
  • Measure: Get the viability you need to monitor your business as it grows

WORKSHOP 3: Mar 19 Marketing

Learn how to identify your customers' biggest fears and desires and deliver them value

  • Market research: Learn the questions to ask so you can meet their needs
  • Customers: Creating raving fans
  • Brand: Creating a brand your customers desire

WORKSHOP 4: Apr 23 Strategy

Learn how to build a business, grow and live a life

  • Roadmap: Steps for success
  • Visualize: You cannot create what you cannot see
  • People: Finding, keeping and investing in your A Team

 Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs: Solo rider
  • Employees or Students: Dreamers of a business idea
  • Retirees: Wanting to create a business

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