Beyond Blue Supports Small Business Advisors

New guide for Advisors who have contact with small business owners

The Supporting small business owners to improve their mental health and wellbeing at work guide provides business advisers such as accountants, bookkeepers, tax agents, industry associations and representative bodies, or family and friends, with practical tips about how to provide support without needing to be trained counsellors or clinicians.

The guide includes information such as:

  • How to provide immediate support to a small business owner who is distressed;
  • Recognising the signs of poor mental health;
  • Planning and having a conversation with someone you’re concerned about;
  • What to do if the person doesn’t want to talk about their mental health; and,
  • How small business owners can improve their situation.

Ninety-seven (97) per cent of businesses in Australia are small businesses employing up to 19 people. Small business owners can face a number of challenges in starting and running a business, which can impact their mental health.

The guide is available for download from here