2016 Neighbourhood Community Grants Program

The Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program recognises the important role our smaller charities and community groups play in connecting people, and positively shaping our nation.



The 2016 Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program encourages community organisations to apply for funding of one-off cash payments of up to $10,000.  This round closes on 1st April 2016.

Projects will need to benefit the wider community, align with the key focus areas and primary audiences and meet an immediate need of the community.


The Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program recognises the important role our smaller charities and community groups play in connecting people, and positively shaping our nation.

By providing funding of up to $10,000 per project, the Our Neighbourhood program gives a helping hand to small groups working to build a more inclusive, connected society.

While we recognise the value of the thousands of different causes and projects around the country, we focus our resources on a few key areas where we think we can help make the biggest impact.

To be considered for a community grant this year, you’ll need to demonstrate how your project fits into one of these four categories.

  1. Digital inclusion 
    Projects that build digital skills and capability of individuals, groups in the community or the wider community.
  2. Employment pathways 
    Projects that increase employment opportunities for marginalised Australians.
  3. Community inclusion 
    Projects that build community spirit, foster inclusion, and support marginalised Australians.
  4. Disaster readiness 
    Projects that help communities to be better prepared for a disaster.

Primary Audiences Are: 

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • people with a disability
  • the elderly
  • the economically disadvantaged
  • those from cultural or linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • local communities

In addition we will support...

  • Smaller, local community organisations and charities
  • Projects that require collaboration within the community, and with other organisations
  • Projects that are scalable and can create a long-term impact

Our Neighbourhood Community Grants form part of Australia Post's ongoing commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate.

The timing of your project is important:

  • Your project will need to commence after 1 October 2016 and complete no later than 30 September 2017.


Your organisation type

For starters, you'll need to be a legal entity in Australia with a current ABN. You'll also need to fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • A not-for-profit community organisation
  • A registered charity with the ATO
  • A deductible gift recipient
  • A social enterprise

Funding's not available to individuals and sole traders, government entities or educational institutions. The exception is for childcare centres, kindergartens, or parents and citizens groups whose projects benefit the wider community. Please note we won't be able to accept auspice arrangements.

What isn't considered eligible? 

To refine our focus, we've chosen not to provide funds for:

  • Projects with a total cost over $50,000 - we want to be able to have a real impact on your project
  • Fundraising campaigns and appeals or sponsorship activity
  • Scholarships or donations 
  • Budget deficits, bequests, endowments or loans of business finance
  • Ongoing costs associated with running your group or organisation and not associated with a project (like rent, power, wages and salaries, staff training costs)
  • Equipment or material purchases, where these are to replace or enhance existing facilities and not associated with a specific project
  • Labour costs associated with existing employees and which are not specific to the project. Where funding is requested for labour costs, these should not form the majority of total project costs
  • Organisations and projects where the primary purpose is for alcohol, drug or tobacco use, or political, religious, gambling, weaponry or military pursuits
  • Medical research or treatment, or interventions to solve for health issues
  • Expenses that have already been incurred or that will have been incurred by the time funding is given
  • Projects that have previously been funded by us, unless it's a new project idea or an extension to an existing project from a previous grant recipient
  • Animal welfare projects
  • Projects where the main funding required is for sporting equipment
  • Projects that are implemented outside of Australia
  • Environmental sustainability projects
  • Emergency Relief or Disaster Appeals

Applications / Guidelines

Application methods: Mail and online - more information can be obtained from the Website and Guidelines.  You can also apply using SmartyGrants.

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