Youth Panel

In 2022, TasNetworks will be forming a Youth Panel. Meeting five times from March to May, the panel will work together to co-design a draft community benefits sharing program framework.

Youth Panel

The panel is open to all young people who want to have their voice heard whilst gaining new skills, meeting others, and working on a real-world project that will make a meaningful contribution to their community.

Anyone who is 18-25 years of age and permanently lives in one of the following local government areas: Burnie,Waratah/Wynyard, Central Coast, Kentish, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands.

The Youth Panel is an inclusive process. All people who meet the age and location criteria are encouraged to apply. In addition to a stipend payment, support will be provided on an individual basis to all successful applicants to enable full participation.

A reminder that individuals who are participating need to be between 18 and 25 years of age on the 26th March 2022 (the first meeting).

To apply to participate in the Youth Panel, you will need to prepare written answers the following questions, or film a short (maximum 2 minute) video of yourself answering them.

For more information visit the TasNetworks website