Village Hubs

New for 2021, grants to bring older Australians together

Village Hubs Activity is an Australian Government initiative to be rolled out in 2021 through the Seniors Connected program.

Pending the appointment of a Village Hubs National Grant Manager a grants selection process will be developed which will indicate the opportunities for Tasmania.

The Village Hubs Activity model operationalises the World Health Organisation’s definition of active ageing by allowing people to realise their potential for physical, social, and mental wellbeing. They provide a diverse range of member-led social activities such as:

  • physical: walking groups, excursions and fitness classes (for example, yoga)
  • social: trivia, fundraising events, morning teas, lunches and dinner events
  • learning: guest speaker programs, digital skills mentoring
  • arts and cultural: art classes, book club, choir.

The Waverton Hub in Sydney is an example of an existing Village Hub.

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