Tasmanian Leaders Symposium 2020

Leadership + Trust, 16 October

Tasmanian Leaders Symposium 2020

Join Tasmanian Leaders for their exciting 2020 Symposium to explore how trust can inspire you to greater leadership and help you to:

  • Improve teamwork and collaboration.
  • Boost morale, innovation and loyalty.
  • Create trustworthy processes.
  • Drive innovative solutions.

This full-day symposium is your opportunity to hear from world-renowned American writer, activist and critical thinker, Parker J. Palmer alongside former Tasmanian of the year, Rosalie Martin. With a host of other in-demand speakers including Shane Fitzsimmons, Dean Parkin, and Joanna Giannes, Leadership + Trust is an event not to be missed.

Find out more about the event and ticket prices here: https://www.tasmanianleaders.org.au/programs/leadership-trust-symposium-2020/