Release of Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan

The Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan (TREAP) outlines how Tasmania will achieve its renewable energy potential, setting clear targets and actions that will build on Tasmania’s natural competitive advantages, attract large scale investment and significantly grow and expand Tasmania’s renewable energy sector into the future.

Tasmania is now 100 per cent self-sufficient in renewable energy, and has legislated world leading target to double our renewable generation to 200 per cent of our current needs by 2040.
The Project Marinus and Battery of the Nation Memorandum of Understanding, signed with the Australian Government earlier this month, is another major milestone on Tasmania’s journey. 
The Tasmanian Government also completed the initial funding round of $50 million Renewable Hydrogen Industry support package and commenced the rollout of the $16 million Energising Tasmania skills and training initiative, supporting the development of the skilled workforce our renewable energy future will need.
As well as guiding ongoing targets and renewable projects, the Action plan also includes:

  • Establishing “Renewables Tasmania” to better plan, coordinate and promote the development of renewable energy and continue to oversee the management and regulation of our energy sector to deliver affordable, reliable and secure energy supplies;

  • Developing a Tasmanian policy framework to coordinate the renewable energy growth required to achieve the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Targets and to support Tasmanian large-scale renewable energy projects;

  • Developing a Tasmanian Renewable Energy Centre for Excellence with the potential to establish a world class centre for innovative research, training and collaboration required to support growth in the renewable energy sector;

  • Developing an “Energy Customer Empowerment Blueprint” to ensure Tasmanian customers are empowered to manage their energy needs and take advantage of new technology and market offerings;

  • A commitment to maximise the local Tasmanian business and employment opportunities from renewable projects as well as renewable development opportunities for the Antarctic.

 The Plan also includes a firm commitment to achieving the lowest regulated electricity prices in Australia for residential and small business customers by 2022. 
The Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan will establish the platform to transform Tasmania from being Australia’s renewable energy powerhouse into a world leading provider of clean, reliable and affordable energy.

The Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan can be found here: