NTDC Stakeholder Survey - Regional Planning

NTDC Stakeholder Survey - Regional Planning

Stakeholder Survey - Regional Planning

Tasmania is facing an economic downturn not experienced in most people’s lifetime. 

The spread of coronavirus is a health crisis that has become an economic crisis. Just as we are trying to flatten the curve of increased infection, we must also flatten the curve of any economic decline. 

As the key economic development agency in Northern Tasmania, NTDC has a vital role to play in coordinating the regional planning to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The ideas for recovery must be place-based and come from community and businesses.
NTDC will collate a series of initiatives that focus on what can be done to rebuild and rethink our regional economy and place in the world.

NTDC wants to capture your ideas for projects, programs and policy changes that will restart and re-imagine our region.

Projects could be infrastructure building, a jobs expo or rolling out IOT solutions or trials.
Programs could be skills training, mental health and resilience seminars or a concierge service to attract migrants.
Policy could be scrapping or lower stamp duty, tax concessions or government department decentralisation.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and support.

Mark Baker