New Tourism & COVID-19 Podcasts Now Available

New Tourism & COVID-19 Podcasts Now Available

Every fortnight through the COVID-19 Crisis, TICT are releasing four fresh new 'Talking Tourism' Podcasts updating Tasmanian tourism operators on the latest news and developments as we work through the crisis. 

Today they have launched a further four new Episodes recorded yesterday: 

We encourage you to take the time over coming days to listen-in. They're FREE, easy to stream and the conversations are all from the perspective of small and medium sized tourism operators. 

Today's New Talking Tourism COVID-19  Podcasts:  

  • Australian tourism and travel industry dynamo, Brett Godfrey, shares his perspective on the road ahead for Tasmanian tourism, the future of Virgin, a direct flight to NZ, and what does COVID-19 mean for a Tassie AFL team? 
  • Shadow Tourism Minister and Labor Leader, Rebecca White, shares her insights on the road ahead for Tasmania and its visitor economy, along with her own experience over recent weeks navigating the uncertainty of the COVID shutdown. 
  • Award-winning Hosted Accommoation Operators Gary & Lorraine Ashdown of Ashdown's of Dover, along with McDermott's Coaches, Simon McDermott, share their perspectives on the COVID shutdown and their planning for recovery. 
  • Tourism Tasmania's own social media guru, Liza-Jane Sowden, shares his insights on the social media trends through Covid-19, and what are the strategies she's applying in managing the State's official online platform, that other operators can adopt within their own businesses. 

How to listen: 

  • You can stream the Podcasts directly off the TICT website now
  • Apple iOS users can listen on their device here. (Please note Apple can takes a little time to update their services)
  • Spotify users can listen here
  • Or wherever you get your podcasts, search for 'Talking Tourism'