Marinus Link - One Step Closer

Marinus Link has received a multi-million dollar boost in the federal budget to help advance the design and approval phase. The Bass Strait interconnector was funded as part of a $250 million package to accelerate major transmission projects across Australia.

By Lachlan Bennett - The Examiner 6th October  2020

Marinus Link will get a share of the millions along with other projects, such as the interconnector between Victoria and New South Wales, VNI West. The federal government will also establish a special type of corporate entity, a "Special Purpose Vehicle", to progress Marinus Link to the design and approval phase.

The $250 million funding boost for transmission infrastructure comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced in June that Marinus Link would be fast tracked to help create jobs in the wake of the coronavirus crash. It also builds on the $56 million allocated in the 2019-20 budget to complete a feasibility study.

The next step for Marinus Link is to finalise costs so a financial investment decision can be made in conjunction with the Tasmanian government.