id profile local JobSeeker data

May 2020 stats now available

id profile local JobSeeker data

id profile has been funded by the Tasmanian Government and local government to provide data at municipal and regional level for Tasmania.  Information on JobSeeker and Youth Allowance recipients has now been included.

This new dataset released by the Department of Social Services is updated monthly. It represents the number of people who are eligible recipients of JobSeeker allowance (generally aged 22+) and youth allowance (excluding students, generally aged 21 and under). To be eligible for JobSeeker, which replaced Newstart allowance in March 2020, participants must be unemployed and looking for work, though certain activity criteria have been relaxed during the COVID-19 period.

JobSeeker rates are a good updated measure of socio-economic disadvantage in an area, and should be looked at in conjunction with 2016 Census SEIFA indexesemployment statusincome and education levels. They can also provide an indication of which areas within your region are most affected by the impacts of COVID-19 containment measures.

See the new dataset on the id profile website