Brand Story Telling Workshop with Brand Tasmania in Westbury!

Wednesday 8th June at Westbury Function Centre 4:00pm-6:30pm AEST

Brand Story Telling Workshop with Brand Tasmania in Westbury!

Brand Tasmania is thrilled to bring you this brand storytelling workshop to you again, in 2022.

You will be provided with the amazing opportunity to learn about brand storytelling, what narrative is and the power of it. You will learn how to write your own individual story and by the end of our time together you will be ready to use your story in your own work – no matter what you do.

The brand storytelling workshop will cover:

  • The Tasmanian Brand Story and the research behind it.
  • How to personalise the brand story in your work.
  • How to use narrative techniques to build your brand.
  • How to fit your brand inside the Tasmanian brand, so we all benefit.
  • How to use the Tasmanian mark in your business and on your products.

You are encouraged to sign up as a Tasmanian partner and to do a bit of homework before attending. Download the Brand Book and Story Workbook and read through them. Start writing your story! Join here, it's free.

Please arrive at 3.45 pm for a prompt 4.00 pm start.