Launceston Technopark Precinct

Investment ready site owned and operated by the Tasmanian Government

Investing in Launceston Technopark

The Launceston Technopark precinct ihas been developed as a location for large footprint commercial buildings (call centres and research facilities).

A project led by Northern Tasmania Development has identified vital information to assist businesses to establish, relocate or expand their operations at Launceston Technopark.

For the first time, an interactive map now displays vacant lot information.  An accompanying Launceston Technopark Precinct Technical Guide presents the strategic benefits of investing in Launceston Technopark, including information about infrastructure and services, statutory planning and key contact information.

The map and technical information are presented here with thanks to Northern Tasmania Development.

Interactive Map

 Precinct Information

Precinct Type

Technology Businesses, Professional Services

Vacant Parcels

4 (can be subdivided if smaller lots required)

Vacant Hectares


Land Price

From $15 per square metre ($150,000 per hectare)

Lot sizes

Small to Medium


No. There is no access to the gas network or gas pipeline.


Yes. Mains water is accessible at frontage.


Yes. Mains sewage is accessible at frontage.


In progress. Build has commenced for the National Broadband Network. Construction began in January 2015, with construction expected to take 12 months.

Electricity 400 v supply


Electricity 22 kv supply


Electricity 110 kv supply

Not at present, however close by connection available at Norwood

Proximity to Highway

2.8 kilometres from Midland Highway via Kings Meadows Link (4 minutes)

Proximity to CBD

7.6 kilometres from Launceston (15 minutes)

Proximity to Airport

9.5 kilometres from Launceston Airport (11 minutes)

Access by HML Route Vehicles, HPV and B Doubles


24/ 7 access and operation


Mobile phone coverage

Telstra coverage 4GX

Current business types present

Professional services, call centres, childcare centre

Estimated employment in precinct


Fast tracked planning

Yes (simple planning, government ownership)

Statutory Planning Provisions

Particular Purpose Zone 1 (32.0)- Techno Park

Planning fee, building fee and rates schedule

Planning, building and rates schedules vary depending on what is being proposed. Please contact Bruce Williams from Launceston City Council on +61 3 6323 3529 or with specific information requests.

Rate subsidy


Permitted land uses

See below

Strategic Positioning

The Launceston Techno Park at Kings Meadows has been developed as a location for large footprint commercial buildings (call centres and research facilities). Originally a live animal quarantine station, it is set in a parkland environment and is surrounded by parcels of land that are not suitable for large footprint developments.

The Launceston Techno Park is owned and managed by the Tasmanian Government of State Growth. It is an investment-ready site, serviced with optic fibre and is occupied by a number of Contact Centres including Westpac (two centres and 550 employees) and Centrelink (125 employees). Childcare is provided on site by ABC Learning Centres Pty Ltd. Techno Park is relatively flat with a gradual southerly slope, in a rural, bushy setting. All of the sites have onsite parking and loading facilities with wide roads for easy manoeuvrability of vehicles. Much of the land remains undeveloped, though some of this area is reserved for the future expansion of the existing businesses. The site is ideal for research-based industries.

Statutory Planning

Launceston Techno Park’s Purpose Statement as set out in the Particular Purpose Zone is to::

  • provide for a range of uses and developments for research, development and assembly of high technology goods, information technology and communication services, and
  • provide for complementary uses and developments that support the above purpose.

Use and Development Standards are provided in the Launceston City Council Interim Planning Scheme 2015, which can be found here.

The following table outlines the uses that are permitted within the Techno Park Particular Purpose Zone.

Uses under Particular Purpose Zone 1- Technopark

No permit required

  • Natural and cultural values management
  • Passive recreation


  • Business and professional services (If for a call centre)
  • Research and development
  • Utilities (If for minor utilities)


  • Business and professional services
  • Educational and occasional care
  • Utilities (If for minor utilities)
  • Food services (If not for a restaurant)
  • Manufacturing and processing (If for electronic technology, information technology or biotechnology)
  • Service industry (If for electronic technology, information technology or biotechnology)


  • All other uses

Contact Information


Technopark Drive, Kingsmeadows

Local Government Area

Launceston City Council

Contact Name

Bruce Williams

Contact Phone Number

+61 3 6323 3529 or +61 427 640 150

Contact Email


Investment contact

Office of the Coordinator General, State Government of Tasmania

Contact Phone Number

+61 3 6777 2786

Contact Email