Duplicate of 6X6 Survey

A six monthly survey based around the Australian Government’s six priorities for regions.


The Australian Government identified 6 regional priorities as follows:

  • Connectivity and infrastructure. Digital connectivity, transport links, freight and supply chain infrastructure.
  • Human capital and skills. To provide skilled and adaptable workforces, regional Universities, and training and schooling.
  • Regional employment and business. To develop regional business and industry, local R&D and innovation and a strategic regional vision.
  • Leadership and collaboration. By investing in regional leadership, capable local government and the indigenous community.
  • Amenity and liveability. Providing services, facilities and liveability, and support for local priorities.
  • Sustainable natural resources. To build future resilience, ensure sustainable foundations, and provide economic opportunities and jobs.

The Regional Development Australia Tasmania is conducting a surveyed targeting at stakeholders to gather responses regarding to these 6 priorities, so as to shape the future direction of planning, development, and advice to the government, and provide a deeper analysis of current conditions in Tasmanian regions.

Photo credit: Chris Crerar

Photo credit: Chris Crerar

The results

This survey will close at midnight of 7 July 1, 2021. So far, 58 respondents representing North, Northwest Coast and South Tasmania from a variety range of organisations have completed the survey. We are looking forward to hearing your opinions. Here is the link of the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JY3XRHV


Thanks for your contribution to our survey.