Building Better Regions Fund

Applications for the Infrastructure Projects Stream and Community Investments Stream close 15 Nov 2018.

Round Three Overview

The Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) is committed to creating jobs, driving economic growth and building stronger regional communities into the future.  The third round of BBRF opened 27 September 2018 and closes 15 Nov 2018. The Australian Government has announced $200 million in the 2018–19 Budget for Round Three of the BBRF. To help regions unlock their tourism potential, up to $45 million has been earmarked for tourism related infrastructure projects that will help stimulate local economies by investing in the tourism sector.

The program will only fund projects in regional Australia outside the major cities, projects in Hobart are eligible to apply.

It is a competitive grant program, applications are assessed against eligibility and merit criteria and compared to other applications in a funding round.

There are two streams of funding available under the program:

Infrastructure Projects Stream

The Infrastructure Projects Stream will support projects which involve the construction of new infrastructure, or the upgrade of existing infrastructure that provide economic and social benefits to regional and remote areas.

Funding available - $20,000 to $10 million

Community Investments Stream

The Community Investment Stream will fund community building activities including, but not limited to, new or expanded local events, strategic regional plans, and leadership and capability building activities.  These projects will deliver economic and social benefits to regional and remote communities.

Funding available - $5,000 to $10 million

Role of RDA Tasmania

RDA Tasmania can:

  • assist you to identify and develop a strong project proposal that will contribute to long term economic growth and is a priority within your region, and;
  • work with you to prepare a competitive application, supporting documents and evidence.

Addressing Merit Criteria

To be competitive, you will need to address each of the four merit criteria in your application:

  1. Economic benefit
  2. Social benefit
  3. Project delivery
  4. Impact of grant funding

It is important that applicants define, quantify and provide evidence to support their answers.

More Information

Further information on the program, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, is available at:

Round One Outcomes

Congratulations to the successful Tasmanian applicants for Round 1 of the Building Better Regions Fund Infrastructure Projects stream:

Brighton Council’s Bridgewater Parkland: Construction of parkland in Bridgewater including playground equipment, public toilets, BBQ facilities, outdoor furniture and associated infrastructure ($430,000 grant).

Flinders Council’s Flinders and Cape Barren Islands Telecomms Transformation Project: Upgrade to the ageing radio network between its Islands and mainland Tasmania by installing a state of the art, multi-bearer high capacity microwave IP radio link ($7,879,960 grant).

King Island Council’s King Island Airport Airfreight Precinct Development: Development of a freight precinct comprised of landside freight loading area, a freight building which includes charge points for operator’s forklifts, dedicated airfreight apron, sealed taxiway and connectors and powered pad for landside aircraft refuelling facility ($223,603 grant).

Kingborough Council’s Kingston Park Community Hub: Construction of a multipurpose hall, meeting rooms, reception/office, public toilet, flexible workspace, café and covered town square, and adjacent landscaping ($2,800,000 grant).

A total of 110 projects to the value of $219.5 million have been approved for funding under the Infrastructure Projects stream.    

Round One of the Infrastructure Projects stream was heavily oversubscribed with 545 applications received. A list of the all successful projects is available at

Congratulations to the Community Investment stream applicants from Tasmania:

Cradle Coast Authority's Development of the Cradle Coast Regional Futures Plan.  Creation of a Strategic Plan for the Cradle Coast in Tasmania that aims to sustainably grow the regional economy by improving its productivity and competitiveness ($80,000 grant).

Flinders Council's Flinders Business, Economic and Social Structural Review.  Socio-economic analysis, review and report and aspects of the operation of Flinders and Cape Barren Island and other islands in the Furneaux Group ($52,000 grant).

Geeveston Community Centre's Southern Food and Fire Festival.  A large-scaled themed festival in Spring focussed upon the cultivation of local food and learning experiences and bringing the community together to celebrate the return of summer after Tasmania's cold winter ($19,987 grant).

Hobart City Mission's Youth Employment and Retainment in the Southern Midlands.  A strategic plan to address the issues of youth unemployment and disengagement ($20,000 grant)

Junction Arts Festival's Pop Up Performance Venue.  Support for performance and visual arts activities ($24,500)

The Unconformity's Asset Acquisition Strategy for events in remote Western Tasmania.  This project will see an asset acquisition strategy to store event production and management equipment in the region, avoiding expensive recurring costs of hiring and transporting equipment ($41,250 grant).

Waratah-Wynyard Council's Economic and Community Building in North West Tasmania.  Skills audit and strategic planning to identify initiatives to improve social and economic conditions ($19,400).

Round Two Outcomes

Congratulations to the successful Tasmanian applicants for Round 2 of the Building Better Regions Fund Infrastructure Projects stream:

Enterprize Tasmania's Hobart and Launceston Innovation Hub Upgrade. The project will upgrade and expand Enterprize Tasmania's two innovation hubs, located in Hobart and Launceston, and install a permanent ICT network connection between the two hubs ($206,000 grant).

Huon Eldercare's Huon Valley Integrated Health Hub.  The project will refurbish a landmark building in the Huon Valley into an Integrated Health Hub ($847,500 grant).

King Island Childcare and Early Learning Centre's Expansion of King Island Childcare and Early Learning.  The project will build a third childcare room at the King Island Childcare and Early Learning Centre to expand its capacity from 29 children to 49 each day ($301,320 grant).

Northbourne Park Association's Northbourne Park Retirement Village Stage 2 Residential Development. The project will expand the current Northbourne Park Retirement Village which includes provision of essential infrastructure including; electricity, water, NBN access and roads, and construction of living units ($1,315,000 grant).

Rotary Club of Ulverstone's Community Facility.  The project will build a storage facility and meeting space, including kitchen facilities and toilets ($55,000).

Tasman Council's Construction of a Deep Water Community Jetty at Murdunna. The project will build a 90 metre deep jetty at Murdunna with floating pontoon mooring to moderate wave movement and provide for berthing of deep draught vessels and safe boarding of vessels for frail and disabled individuals ($75,000).

Congratulations to the successful Tasmanian applicants for Round 2 of the Building Better Regions Fund Community Investment stream:

Cradle Coast Authority's Building Capability - Destination Marketing Mentoring Program. The project will deliver a marketing and leadership program, which will be aimed at enabling local operators to effectively promote tourism within their region ($32,000 grant).

Enterprize Tasmania's Tasmanian Leaders & Capability: Social Brains Achieve More Together! The project will deliver systems centred training workshops to build leadership and capability. The workshops will address regional growth goals around human and social capital development in the leadership of business, employment, entrepreneurship, education, governance and community capability ($19,700 grant).

King Island Council's Recreation Plan.  The project will develop a 'Recreation Plan' which will facilitate and guide the development of recreation and sporting facilities ($38,625 grant).

The Sovereign Military Order Of The Knights Templar Tasmania's Sheffield Tasmania Medieval Festival Expansion Plan. This project will deliver a two-day, national medieval festival exhibition of medieval skills, crafts and culture highlighting jousting and sword fighting in the Cradle Coast region of Tasmania ($20,000).

Volunteering Tasmania's Strong Boards, Resilient Communities. The project will: provide governance training for volunteer community boards and committees to increase their leadership and productivity capabilities; and address the challenges of obtaining and retaining volunteers in regional and rural Tasmania ($19,900).