6X6 Survey 2022

Our first 6X6 Survey was the first in the series and was conducted in July 2021. 66 respondents, representing different places and industry sectors from across Tasmania answered the survey questions.

We are now seeking responses for our second the 6x6 survey, and we would love you to participate and share your responses with us. Visit the link for our second survey. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete. Visit link to participate. 

In a diverse region covering urban, regional, and remote locations it would be expected that different people experience things differently, but where there is consensus it indicates a structural issue affecting Tasmanians that could be addressed by a regional development approach. 
Shared issues are identified in our first survey are:

  • Housing availability,
  • Human capital (availability of a skilled workforce), and
  • Infrastructure for transport services (mostly public transport and congestion).

And responded positively to:

  • Amenity and liveability (e.g., quality of open spaces, places for recreation and urban settings), and
  • Education Services.

Responses were split for many priorities, indicating place-based differences for Tasmanians for:

  • Health services,
  • Leadership and collaboration (strength of strategic plans and willingness to collaborate),
  • Digital connectivity (inequality between urban and regional areas)
  • Business conditions, and
  • Management of natural resources.

Download previous report here.

Visit link for new survey